How to Live a Victorious Life

Recently we went to see an action movie. In it, the protagonist suffered through great anguish and many trials. Often, her very life was in imminent danger from the enemy. Although our emotions were moved with her- we felt sad, angry, and anxious- we never lost hope. We knew the end of the story because we'd already read the book. In the end, she prevails.

As the protagonist of your own story, hold tight to the message of Easter. You will experience suffering and trials in this life and there is an enemy who seeks to destroy. But with Christ as your Savior you can be confident of the final outcome. You already know the end of the story; the tomb is empty!  You need never lose hope. Your ultimate victory is already secured. 

Message for the Journey:

The greatest words ever spoken came in the moment of greatest suffering. With three little words- “It is finished”- Jesus forever changed our path. Through them, He made a way for us to have a victorious life.  When it feels like your Friday has come, trust that your Sunday is coming too. For at all times, in all things, your King reigns. 


"When Jesus had tasted it, he said, 'It is finished!' Then he bowed his head and released his spirit."-
John 19:30

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