How to Pass a Test

Tests come in all sorts of shapes and sizes - true or false, multiple- choice, essay or even demonstrations.  The nature of it may vary but each type requires knowledge of the material in order to pass.   

An elderly man recently accepted Jesus as his Savior and was baptized at church.  Afterward, he shared a few words with the congregation. He wanted everyone to know that he was leaving 88 years behind him and that no matter how old you were, it was never too late. Delayed as it was, he’d finally learned Truth.  

In college, my favorite professor gave a combination multiple-choice essay test. You’d answer the multiple choice question but then have to explain why your choice was correct. When you chose the wrong answer,  the essay portion allowed you to explain your position and often-times gain credit for your answer. Strategically, she scored the test in such a way that the value of the multiple choice answers were just enough to fail. You had to be able to explain your answer to make a passing grade.

When the end comes, we will each have one last test to take. It won’t be multiple-choice nor will credit be given for a good explanation of an incorrect answer. There will simply be one true or false question. Is Jesus your personal Savior? Those that can answer yes will pass and live an eternity in joy while those that fail will live an eternity in misery.

The elderly man will now be able to pass his final exam but only because someone cared enough to share the right answer with him. His caretaker loved him enough to speak to him of Truth. I don’t want to pass my test while knowing that others will fail because I didn’t do what I could.   

The idea of witnessing to strangers can be intimidating. We are not all called outright to be evangelists or preachers but each of us is called to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading us to share the Truth. When the opportunity comes- be it a stranger or someone we have a relationship with- I pray we'll each have the courage to provide whatever level of tutoring is needed in that moment so that they, too, can achieve a passing grade.

Message for the Journey:
There are many test we experience while on earth, but none is as critical to pass as the final exam we'll each face when we stand in front of heaven's gates. Only one answer will gain entrance into an eternity of joy instead of one of misery. Let's not be afraid to be tutors to those who don't yet have the knowledge to be able to join us in passing. Whether it be through relationship or words, may we each heed the Spirit's leading to share the Good News with the world.
And he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”    
Mark 16:15  


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  1. Ann, what great insights you share here! One thing I've learned when I get impatient with God's silence during times of testing is that the teacher never talks during a test. Only after the test is over, can the teacher evaluate and provide feedback or a course of direction to the pupil. That analogy has helped me understand to simply keep walking where I know He's called me during those times. He'll reveal in His perfect timing what I need to know. Blessings!