When Your Faith is in the Fire

The fire was hot. Feeding on a steady diet of dried woodland debris, its flames shot over seven feet high. The man was pleased with the progress he’d made, a few more hours and the massive pile of dead branches would be burned away. The day seemed ordinary, uneventful even, until that moment, the moment when the supernatural burst into the natural.

He approached to throw on yet another armload, and as he did his foot caught on a tree root. His body pitched forward- completely out of control- straight toward the hungry flames. Unable to recover any balance, his fate seemed certain as he felt the heat lick his face. But God stepped in and everything changed. Suddenly he was standing upright next to the fire unharmed, in wonder over what had just happened.

In the book of Daniel, we find Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego in a similar situation.  As they face the flames for refusing to worship an idol of the king their fate seems assured. But God stepped in and everything changed. They were kept safe in the midst of the flames though others were destroyed.  

You may not always have a physical intervention from the flames and hurts of this world, but through Jesus, God has assured your spiritual fate remains secure. All you need do is accept Him.  

Message for the Journey:

Even when your fate seems absolutely certain, God can step in and change everything in a moment. If you find your faith is in the fire paraphrase Daniel 3:17-18, God is able…but if He doesn’t, I will still stand firm in faith.  

By the way, the man’s wonderful story is true. I know because that man, the one saved from the flames, is my husband.

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