How to Be a Secret Agent

Recently, I had a very significant birthday. Instead of birthday presents, we celebrated life. My friends gave me wonderful “gifts”, stories of their service to others. 

In the series Mission Impossible, first on television and then on film, a crack group of secret agents are presented with a mission of seemingly impossible odds. Known as the Impossible Missions Force (IMF), they are given the option of refusing each case. They never do and they never fail.

There is a darkness growing in our land. It steals joy and leaves behind anger, bitterness and strife. People feel insignificant and lash out at one another. The world needs to know that God truly loves each and every one. And it is up to us to tell them, not just through our words but in our deeds. It may only be something as simple as a smile or a kind response - where normally there would be annoyance- to effect a change. But in other times, much more will be needed to show His love. 

So, dear reader, your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to go into the world at-large and frustrate the plan of darkness, to fight against the spread of hatred wherever it may arise. Undercover as an ordinary person, in truth, you’ll be a secret agent for good.  Each time you do something kind or helpful in God’s name, wherever or whatever the need, you'll shine His light. 

And even the light of a single candle can stem the advancing night.   

Message for the Journey:

No soldier leaves the battlefield without scars but still they fight on, to destroy the enemy, to save lives, to protect the world. Neither will we, as Christ's soldiers, leave life’s battlefield without scars.  But if we work together, we can defeat the dark for with God no mission is ever impossible. 
                                                                                                                                    -Ann Wilds

 "For nothing is impossible for God."
- Luke 1:37

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