Don't Forget the Life Preserver

Growing up in Lake Charles, I've spent a lot of time in boats. Being out on the water can be a calming or exhilarating experience, depending on the conditions. I've always loved it. But, occasionally it can become frightening. 

Once we were on a different lake with a friend, when our sunny day suddenly turned stormy. Clouds rushed in. thunder rolled and heavy rains began to fall. As the wind picked up, so did the waves growing to a menacing height for the small vessel we were in. The first thing we did was to put on our life preservers in case the storm became too much for our boat. It was tense and slow going, but in time we made it safely to shore.    

There was another boat caught out on a lake in a sudden storm. In it were Jesus and His disciples. Before boarding, Jesus told them to go to the other side of the lake then he fell asleep. When the storm struck, the disciples were terrified. Fearing that they would all die, they woke him. Instantly, Jesus calmed the storm then asked, "Where is your faith?" Had they remembered who was with them on the boat, they would not have given in to terror.

Are you experiencing an unexpected storm in your life? Perhaps you are facing fearsome waves of financial crisis, sudden illness, or relationship turmoils. Or the waves of your tempest may be an internal crisis of direction knocking you off course.  If so, don't give in to terror that they may swamp your boat. Reach out to Jesus to calm your fears. He is always there beside you. 

Keep your faith in the One who controls all things. We may not know why the storms come, but as His children we can be confident that He will see us safely to the other side.  

Message for the Journey:

Nothing surprises God. Jesus wasn't surprised that a storm came up while He slept on the boat. Your storms don't surprise Him either. With Jesus in the boat, no storm could ever stop them from reaching the other side. Neither can any storm in your life prevent you from reaching the destination God intends to take you to. Never forget who's in your boat- Jesus the ultimate life preserver.


  1. I love the blog today and the story you used...this story reminds me of myself so much when I first became born again...and every time I hear it or read it I am reminded of my new beginnings of being a Christian..Jesus us our life preserver and often times when the sea is ragging we tend to forget it and use our own ways to get out of the ragging sea...why do we do it? and just like Peter was afraid God still called him to Himself..I love the love of God how He cares for us no matter what

  2. Thanks for this important reminder, Ann, about Jesus as our ultimate life preserver during life's many storms.The only way through a raging storm is to cling to the only one who can calm it. And you said it well: Jesus wasn't surprised by the storm as He slept in the boat. Although storms may surprise us, nothing surprises Him. I like that. Great writing and good article!