The #1 Exercise to Improve Health

There are endless exercise choices to keep us healthy- from boot camps to the rhythms of Zumba, from pumping iron to the flow of Tai Chi. One can find a style to suit any taste. They each promise to improve the body and aid well-being. But one stands above the rest. It alone is proven to foster health, enhance performance and extend life. It requires no special equipment, training or money. What is it? The exercise of kindness

Over 50 scientific studies have shown acts of service lead to improved wellness and increased life expectancy. Surprised at first by the link they discovered, scientist have now identified multiple psychological and biological changes that occur when we spend time helping others. Brain chemistry changes, stress chemicals lower, antibodies increase and psychological improvements occur. Service to others is even more effective than exercising 4 times a week in improving long-term health.The benefits aren’t influenced by sex, age, race or even prior health.

This link is new to the world of science but not to Christianity. The Bible calls believers to love and care for others and promises blessings to those who obey. Even Jesus said He "came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life away as a ransom for many.”

The simple fact is doing good is, indeed, good for you. God has gifted each of us with talents and abilities to be used with love in service to others. When used as intended, our gifts help others and in turn us as well.

Have you exercised today?

Message for the Journey:

The best way to live a long, healthy and happy life is clear. If you desire blessings for yourself, start by blessing others.


“the one who blesses others is richly blessed; those who help others are helped.”
Proverbs 11:25

Need a few serving ideas to get started? Try these:

• Sing in the church choir
• Teach Sunday school
• Mentor a student
• Work with a housing project
• Volunteer at an animal shelter
• Help an older neighbor with their yard or home
• Write notes of encouragement or pray with people
• Visit nursing homes
• Deliver meals to shut ins
• Baby-sit for a new mom
• Donate blood

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  1. Great post, Ann! God knows what He's talking about, doesn't He, when He asks us to obey. I appreciate this.