The Secret to a Successful Marriage


The Secret to A Successful Marriage? Take a Ride on an ATC

Colorado is my all-time favorite state to visit. It's beautiful no matter the season. If you have a chance to go, be sure to explore some of the less-traveled roads. You won’t be disappointed the views are magnificent. But be sure to take a vehicle designed to navigate the back country terrain. Barely deserving the name, the dirt roads will be full of hazards; deep holes, large boulders, and bumps of every size. Some roads will even take you so close to the edge of the mountain you'll fear looking over for fear of shifting the vehicle off the side. The drive to get there won't be exactly smooth sailing but the trip will be well worth it.

Like back country roads, the roads of a marriage can be full of hazards from little bumps like the daily stress involved in sharing a home to major obstacles like a lost job or sudden illness. The only way to travel through them successfully is with an ATC (all-terrain commitment) vehicle.

From the start, if either of you are less than 100% committed to a lasting marriage the relationship will falter when the hazards on the marriage road approach. It takes all terrain commitment to successfully navigate the peaks and valleys of the marriage trail as it crosses through the territories of for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health until death do us part. Just like in Colorado, the trip at times may be difficult but oh, it is well worth the effort.

      "Motto for the bride and groom: We are a work in progress with a lifetime contract." Phyllis Koss

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