God Works Behind the Scenes

The lights fade as the curtain rises and quiet fills the air. The audience waits expectantly as the actors enter the stage on cue. Caught up in the story, we rejoice at the hero’s triumphs and cry over each loss riveted until the final scene unfolds and the curtain closes.

Ah, the theater. It’s so enjoyable to watch stories come to life. I remember my first Shakespearean play when I realized the story was truly meant to be funny. Reading the words hadn’t made them come alive the same way they had with the actors on stage. But did you know that there is much more to a production that what is seen by the audience? Back stage there are multiple crews of people working furiously behind the scenes to change sets, deliver props, cue the actors, and provide lights, sounds and special effects. Without their work, the show couldn’t go on.

I discovered this as a volunteer on musicals my daughter has been involved in. My first assignment was back-stage and now by choice that’s where you’ll find me. Whether the assignment is stage hand or stage manager it’s hectic and chaotic but it’s where all the real action happens. Only there do you have a complete view of everything. The last show we did was Beauty and the Beast. What the audience couldn’t see, as Beast and Gaston fought on the castle, were the stage hands slowly maneuvering the set pieces into place until the balcony reached center stage. When Gaston fell to his death only we behind the scenes could see that he was actually in no danger but safely caught by a cushioned mat and several men.

Life is God's stage where He orchestrates behind the scenes in ways we never fully realize. He may slowly position things into place until all is aligned and His plan is revealed or should we stumble and fall His unseen arms are there to catch us and save us from harm.  At times we can clearly see His hand in the moment but more often we only see it in retrospect. Looking back on your life how often can you see God’s involvement? Just because you didn’t realize it at the time doesn’t change the fact that He was always there.

When we look with audience eyes we only see what is happening on the immediate stage of life which can lead to doubt and fear. But God has a plan and a purpose for each of us. When we look instead with eyes of faith the curtain is pulled back to reveal that much is happening on His spiritual realm. God is always working for the good of His children. 

Message for the Journey:

Don’t be discouraged. Just because you don’t see anything happening right now, doesn’t mean that God isn’t working in your life. Continue to press on in obedience; in His time all will be revealed.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

©Ann Wilds 2011

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