What's the Difference?

Have you ever considered how much power and influence you really have? Everything you do, every action you take or don’t take, has an impact. It may not show immediately, but it is there nevertheless. Even small actions have far-reaching impacts, sometimes even on the entire world. Consider Rosa Parks taking a seat, Mother Theresa helping one dying man, or even Ben Franklin flying his kite in a storm. Without their first small actions, much of our world would be different today. Within each of us is the same potential to affect great results through our action.

Yet inaction can have just as much of an impact. Consider how many people were opposed to the Holocaust but took no action to prevent it. That inaction helped further the very cause they stood against. James 4:17 even tells us that our very inaction can be sin when we know we should do something good and don’t.

While the impacts may not seem as grand or obvious as the examples touched on, the same axiom applies to everyday life. It doesn’t matter where you are; in an office, in the classroom, in the car, in the mall, or in your home. Every action or inaction you take has an impact somewhere on someone.

It is not your choice if you will make a difference. But it is your choice what that difference will be.

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  1. Sins of commission and sins of omission, right? It can go both ways.

    My desire is to make a difference, knowing when to act and when not to.