How to Avoid Insufficient Funds

Recently, a friend’s son learned a valuable lesson about banking. His account had come with a debit card and overdraft protection. Not realizing the consequences, he made several $1 charges that exceeded his balance. Each one incurred a penalty charge of $30 which he discovered when the statement came in. A pricey lesson learned.

What we sometimes fail to realize is that relationships are emotional bank accounts. Their balance is determined by the quality and length of the relationship. Each time we hurt, disappoint or anger someone, a withdrawal comes out of the account. When the balance gets low enough, we either pay a penalty or they close the account and go elsewhere.

When we interact with people in a way that they feel valued, a deposit is made in the account. Showing we care, listening to their needs and treating them with respect are all ways to make a deposit. With a higher balance, the relationship is strengthened and better able to withstand the inevitable mistakes and problems that arise.

Deeper relationships, like that with our spouse, come with built in overdraft protection. They generally have more room for forgiveness. The negative consequence of dipping into the account may take longer to be accessed but there is still a cost. And unfortunately in many marriages today the account gets so overdrawn that someone closes it and goes elsewhere.

The Bible is echoed in psychology in teaching us what fills up the sexes. While we each desire them all, women have a greater need to feel loved and desired while men have a greater need to feel valued and respected. When we take regular action to meet the emotional needs of our spouse, we ensure that our relationship’s bank account carries a healthy balance. Take the time to build up the balance and ensure that your relationship lasts a lifetime.

Ephesians 5:33 However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband

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  1. Last year we took a Dynamic Marriage class through our church. One of the books that went with the course taught this very we go about making deposits or withdrawals from our spouse's love bank. It applies, actually, to all of our relationships. I love it. It's so practical and easy to understand.