Math to the Higher Power

Danielle’s daddy has always been ready to help her. When she first began to learn math, he was there to make a game of addition and subtraction. As she moved through elementary school, division and multiplication were practiced with flash cards and laughter. Now she’s in algebra, and he’s always ready to answer a question or walk through a formula. As a good daddy, he’ll always be there when she needs him. Has it been a while since you studied math? Take this quiz and test your skills.

     Math Quiz:

1 + 1=?
Was your answer 2? That one was easy. It’s the first math lesson we learn.
1 x 0 =?
Did you answer 0, relying on the rule that zero times any number is always zero? 
(5+2) x 1=?
Was your answer 7, following the rule to solve what’s in the parenthesis first? 
x 1=?
It will take a while to work this one out, infinity actually.

When we study math in school, we begin with the basics, addition and subtraction, and progress to the higher levels of algebra and calculus. But even if you majored in it at college, there’s still another type of math you’ve likely never studied in school. God has His own form of math, Math to the Higher Power. It’s one that goes far beyond the laws of earthly calculations. As the Creator of time and space, He is not bound by their principles or linear equations. Let’s take a look at our quiz again, this time applying God’s math. We’ll find our answers entirely different.

Math to the Higher Power

Applying God’s mathematical principles, 1 + 1 no longer equals two. When He joins a man and a woman together in marriage, the two become one. No longer is there yours or mine, in God’s eyes there is only our.

Under God’s mathematical law the answer is not zero but infinity. Out of nothing, God formed all of creation. He can take your nothing and make anything, for with God all things are possible.

(5+2) x1=?
With earthly computation, this is just a single digit. Using higher power math, Jesus multiplied five loaves of bread and two fish into enough food to feed 5,000 men and still have leftovers. No matter the need your God can meet it.

What appears to be an infinitely large number is reduced to zero by the laws of God’s math. No matter how many sins we have, when we repent, accepting Jesus as our savior, every single one is wiped clean from our slate. No sin is too great to be forgiven.

Like Danielle's dad, your heavenly Daddy is there for you when the equations in life don’t seem to add up. Using Math to the Higher Power, He’ll help you find the perfect solution to every problem.

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