The First Step to Growth

It’s the time of year where my husband and I must make a decision. Do we want to make the effort to grow a lush lawn or let nature take her course? Neither the soil or shade conditions are ideal for grass to grow naturally in our back yard. Without intervention, the only green that grows in it are weeds.

It’s a simple fact, whatever gets fed grows. But it’s a fact that isn’t limited to the yard. Often life’s conditions aren’t ideal, situations can be hard and full of problems, but that doesn’t prevent growth. It just makes it easier for weeds to flourish. If you want something different, you must be intentional to feed only the seeds you want to grow.

You have a choice each day, just like we do with our yard, of how healthy your life will be. The first step is deciding what it is you want to grow in it; the second is how willing you are to do what's necessary to cultivate it.

When someone mistreats you, do you nurse the wound or let it go in forgiveness? When trouble comes, do you worry in fear or stand and face it? When darkness emerges, do you doubt God or hold on to faith? When you stumble and fall, do you grow bitter or find a way to be better? When hostility erupts, do you lash out or seek the way of harmony?

Fortunately, the answer to healthy growth isn’t limited to our own knowledge and ability. We go to the gardening store for help with our yard. You can always go to God for yours.

Message for the Journey:

The seed that is nourished is the one that grows. Be it a seed of doubt or a seed of faith, a seed of fear or a seed of courage, a seed of aggression or a seed of peace, a seed of hate or a seed of love, whichever ones you feed are the ones that reproduce in your life.

                                                                                                                                                                     -Ann Wilds

“Every seed will produce more of its own kind.”

Genesis 1:11b

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