What's In Your Glass?

You hold 4 ounces of water in an 8 ounce glass; how do you describe it? Are you the optimist who sees your glass as half-full or the pessimist who sees it as half-empty?

Both experience the same event- the glass of water- but view it quite differently. Studies consistently show that this variance in perspective has a strong correlation on effectively managing stress. By focusing on the positive aspects, the optimist is more prepared to weather life’s challenges. But there is an even better way.

In 2 Kings, Elisha and his attendant wake to imminent danger. The Aramean army has surrounded the city in order to seize the prophet. The attendant, clearly a pessimist, is overwhelmed by fear.  An optimist would have remained hopeful that there could be a way out. Either way, the attendant’s response was based on what he could see.    

Elisha’s reaction differed. He viewed the situation through what he knew as truth not his eyes. He held faith in who was on his side and in the promises he’d been given. When the supernatural veil was removed, the attendant was afforded a momentary glimpse into what had always been there.  Beyond the limitations of his human eyes, a heavenly army encircled them. Nothing could stand against it.   

The same is true when we look at the glass of water. Human vision limits us to what we can see. But the glass is neither half-empty nor half-full. It is completely full. Though half is filled with water, the other half is filled with air. Human limitation does not alter the truth of what is.

When the challenges of life arise, reach for the perfect stress management tool. Instead of relying on any human perspective, reach for God’s. Though His ways are often beyond our sight and comprehension, at all times He remains good and firmly in control.  

Message for the Journey:

In fear, the pessimist sees his glass as half-empty. In hope, the optimist sees his glass as half-full. In faith, the child of God’s remains confident, that no matter what his eye’s can see, his glass is filled to overflowing.

                                                                                                                      ©Ann Wilds

“My cup overflows with blessings.” Proverbs 23:5b

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