The Traits of a Good Leader

You can't lead if you don't know the way. 

We have a new four-legged addition in our family. A rescue, Pippin, is about two years old but acts much like a puppy. He came with a loving, goofy personality but not a lot of manners. Amongst the things we are trying to teach him is how to walk on a leash. He must have herding dog in him because not only does he want to pull but he tries toguide as well. He wants to have the lead as the rest of us follow. But that doesn’t work very well - not only is he not the Alpha- he has no idea where we’re going.

During one particular walk he was more insistent than ever. No matter which way I turned us, he leaned against me or pulled to get Gracie and me to go another way. As Icorrected him said, “Pippin, you can't lead; you don't know where we're going.”

And that’s when it hit me. How many times has God said those words to me, to you? We want to take off down the road that – in our eyes- seems right. Somewhere inside there is a part of us that still clings to the false belief that we can lead as well, if not better, than He. In those moments, we overlook the necessary traits of a leader-authority and knowledge. We forget that we are not Alpha nor do we know His way. We’re not the only ones who struggle with this. 

Moses tried to take the lead by standing up for the abused Israelite slave in Egypt. In doing so, he killed a man and fled his palace home living in exile for forty years.  But when he fully allowed God to lead, he returned and helped free his people.

Peter tried to take the lead when he countered Jesus’ prophecy of His upcoming passion, crucifixion and resurrection. The road Peter wanted them to travel held only victory. Jesus rebuked him strongly for itWhen Peter fully followed God’s lead, he suffered much, but saw first hand the salvation of the world and established Christ's first church. 

None of us know what direction our road will take. Just as it seems we are headed one way, the road He wants us on turns. Often, with my ministry I have no idea where He is headed. I fight against the part of me that wants to take the lead. But I’m learning that when it’s unclear what step I should take, to simply wait.

Message for the Journey:
Noah didn’t try to take the lead from God as the ark was constructed. He built it as God directed. Nor did he rush to round up the animals when he thought things were ready.When the time was right, God sent the animals to Moses. In the end, it was all a perfect fit. Your life, too, will be a perfect fit if you go only when and where He leads. 
                                                                                                 ©Ann Wilds

"At the command of the Lord they remained encamped, and at the command of the Lord they journeyed...
" Numbers 9:23.

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