What Scars Reveal

Do you have any scars? For a while after surgery, I had a little scar from the incision. The pain was gone but still the scar remained. Some scars, like mine, fade easily with time but not all. 

A father told his little boy to be careful to not touch a heater. It was hot and could burn him. But the child doubted. While his father looked away, the boy stretched his chubby fingers towards the titillating appliance. Moments later, anguished screams rang across the room as his tender skin made contact with the heat. His father held him in his arms, the disobedience instantly forgiven, and comforted him. But forgiveness couldn't heal the wound. The boy learned a hard lesson as he lived through the pain. Still later, the scar from the burn served as a reminder of his actions. The next time his father warned him of danger, he was more ready to adhere to his words.    

God warns us, His children, about actions that will cause us pain. We can believe and heed His warning or follow our desires and sin. While we have freedom of choice we aren’t free from the consequences. When the choice is to sin, to act outside of God’s will, pain eventually follows and we’ll be left with a scar. When repented the sin itself can be forgiven, the spiritual slate wiped clean, but the earthly consequences of our decision remain. Relationships may be damaged, trust shattered, and confidence destroyed. In time, they may be healed but scars can still remain.

David’s sin of adultery with Bathsheba and subsequent murder of her husband, Uriah, was forgiven because he was truly repentant about his sin. Yet, the earthly consequence of the sin remained. What was done could not be undone. Uriah was still dead and she carried their illegitimate child.  

Message for the Journey:
When we fall to sin, there will be consequences. When we touch something hot, we’ll get burned. Natural consequences are how we, not just our children, learn best. Don’t be surprised by the fallout of your choices, accept responsibility and grow in wisdom. Let the scars serve to remind you of the consequence of sin so that you will make better choices the next time and heed your Father’s words.  

Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life. 
Psalm 139:24

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  1. Excellent post sis I too have a scare and I use to be shame of it for years but now it's apart of me and I don't show it because people can be cruel and stare and make fun but it's mind and I don't hate it but I wish the scare was not there, for it is right on my chest so most of the time I keep it pretty hidden maybe one of these days I won't hid it but I don't feel like sharing it with the world..only my family am I comfortable with sharing it with...thanks for the post.