Don't Throw it Away- Fix It

It’s just a fact of life that things used will, in time, show wear and tear. They may even become torn or broken if we aren’t careful. Fortunately, there is a something that can repair just about anything—Duct Tape. It’s a remarkable product. The combination of the fabric side and the adhesive side makes it very strong and extremely durable. It’s also inexpensive and easy to use. You’d be hard pressed to find a handyman without it in their toolbox.
For years, it’s been used to join broken things back together. It’s even been nicknamed 100 mile-an-hr tape for its ability to repair damaged helicopter blades in emergency war time situations. MythBusters, one of our favorite shows, has shown it to be strong enough to lift a car, waterproof enough to construct a boat, and adaptable enough to help save your life if stranded on a deserted island.
Relationships, too, can show wear and tear from the daily interactions of life, and if we don’t take proper care of them, will break or tear in time. While multi-purpose, Duct Tape won’t help repair a damaged relationship, but Servant Love will. It’s the type of love that places the needs of the other above the needs and desires of your heart. Because it’s the love that Jesus loves us with, there is nothing stronger.
Each of us should keep a ready supply in our behavioral toolbox. When applied to relationships, it has life-changing results. Faltering marriages soar to new heights, sinking families are able to traverse even the roughest seas, and busted friendships are remade with unbreakable bonds.
Message for the Journey:
Unintentionally, relationships can often take the brunt of the chaos of daily life, in time becoming damaged. When they are, don’t throw them away. They can be restored. Servant Love is the glue that repairs any damage and mends any tears. It puts the needs of the other before the needs and desires of self.  Jesus came to serve the world and through His serving brought healing. When Servant Love is applied to relationships, healing comes as well.

“Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth with our actions.”         1 John 3:18

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