Watch Where You Walk

Have you ever taken a walk with someone whose gait is different than yours? Because one of you has longer legs, and thus a longer stride, the pace must be altered for you to remain side by side.

When our daughter was little we’d walk together holding hands. She sought to stay by me. Her little legs could only go so fast, so I’d slow to a lesser pace. Now that she is a lanky teen, she’s the one slowing her pace while I speed up to remain together.

As a loving parent, God wants to walk with His children. Just as He did in the garden, He adjusts His pace to meet us where we are. Yet, if our desire is to walk in pace with the world or our fleshly desires He’ll let us walk alone.

He gives us the freedom to choose who we want to walk beside. While He longs for it to be with Him, He won’t force it. Whether we choose to walk alone, with the world or with God, our choice determines both the destination and the experiences that happen along the way.

Being out of step with God increases life’s difficulties and hinders the blessings He intends for us to receive. It’s no place for a professed believer to be. As king, Saul sought the approval of man before he sought God’s will. Eventually his kingdom was lost. David sought God’s will first and as a result his kingdom endured.

My daughter and I can’t walk somewhere together unless we’re in agreement. To walk with God we need to know both His will and His word, and agree with them. It doesn’t mean we’ll always understand, but we seek Him first.

Message for the Journey:

In life, you never have to walk alone. God yearns to be by your side. But you must be of the same mind. If your desire is for the world He can’t remain with you. But if your desire is for Him, He’ll never leave your side.

“Do two walk together unless they agree to do so?”
(Amos 3:3)

©AnnWilds 2012


  1. Excellent post I love it..thanks so much for sharing...

  2. Really makes me stop and think; thanks so much