3 Steps to Conquering Obstacles

Are you facing obstacles in your life? If you aren’t at this moment, celebrate and be thankful because before long you will. Obstacles and challenges are an inevitable part of human existence. So what do we do when they arise? How do we successfully overcome them?

The Israelite army was at a stand-still. In their path lay their biggest crisis yet. It terrified them. It was so frightening an obstacle that even the bravest warriors were shaking on the sidelines. No one dared faced the giant Goliath- until David.

David was ill prepared by human standards; he was just a young shepherd, not a trained warrior. He had no protective armor or sword. For all intents and purposes his facing the giant was a recipe for certain disaster. But David had wisdom the others did not.

He faced a huge obstacle boldly when others couldn’t. Their focus was on the size of the problem- a giant who stood over 9 feet tall, and his fierce army. David’s focus was on the size and power of God. He remembered all the times God had been faithful in the past and as a result he faced the problem with the right attitude. When you face a giant: 

1. Focus on the solution not the problem-
The army only had eyes for the problem. As a result they were completely overwhelmed by the size of their obstacle and could do nothing but shake in fear. David wasn’t concerned with the size of Goliath; he was concerned with the size of God. He knew the solution – God- was bigger than any created thing.

You may not be facing a 9 foot tall giant but where you focus is etremely critical. When you focus only on the problem you lose sight of the solution and become overwhelmed. Instead, seek God for His wisdom and direction. Nothing is too big for Him to overcome.

2. Gain confidence by recalling past triumphs-
David spoke in confidence of the times God had strengthened him to fight and kill dangerous predators that attacked the sheep he tended. By recalling the times God had seen him safely through, he remained confident that God would do it again.

As you face your problem, recall all the times that God has seen the faithful through trials. You can remain confident that He is right there for you too.

3. Use your natural abilities but rely on God’s strength-
Saul tried to arm David with what he knew as strength- his helmet, armor and sword. They were heavy and cumbersome to David, not allowing him to use his natural abilities, so he took them off. He knew his strong suit was his ability to move quickly and work with the skills that God had blessed him with. But he also knew that his natural abilities would only take him so far. It was on God’s strength he relied as he faced and slew the giant.

God has given you natural abilities and talent. When troubles come, make use of them to work through the problem while always relying on God’s infinite strength to triumph.

Message for the Journey:
It takes a right attitude to overcome the obstacles of life. Keep your focus on the size of your God not the size of the problem. Remember all the times He has been faithful. In His strength you will overcome for nothing is impossible for God. 


  1. Such a great reminder this morning that to face our giants, we have to face our fears with God's strength. Obstacles schmabstacles! Thanks for a great post this fine morning.

  2. I love this blog today Obstacles always gets in the way but we can't just look at them and expect them to leave on their own it doesn't work that way. God gives us what we need to do to remove them. Thanks for sharing this story.