Repairing Broken Treasures

Crack! The sound reverberated across the room. My family and I watched in horror as a slow motion scene unfolded. Our beautifully adorned Christmas tree crashed to the floor sending shattered ornaments everywhere. 

At a craft fair many years prior, my husband and I had discovered a booth selling handmade ceramic ornaments in the midst of summer. They were lovely so we bought four, but one was especially beautiful. A shimmery pale blue in color, it showed an idyllic scene of a snow covered family home. Every year since, we have purchased a new ornament to add to the collection.

The special blue one has hung on our tree every year since we bought it, although it is no longer as beautiful as it once was. We repaired it as best we could after the tree disaster but it will never be the same. 

When cherished treasures are broken they can often be put back together with glue. Sometimes the seam will be visible like the one that stretches across the face of the blue ornament. Other times the repairs will be invisible, but the structural weakness remains. No amount of glue can undo the damage and make it as good as new. No human glue that is.  

More than our possessions can be damaged in life. Even our treasured relationship with our spouse, family and friends may be wounded, sometimes so much so that they shatter. In the midst of the broken remains, healing and restoration seem impossible. The damage runs too deep. But nothing is impossible for God. He spoke all of creation into being; He can speak new life into dead relationships. 

If you love a person, don't give up on them, or your relationship, instead give them to God. Take responsibility for your actions, let them know they are still important to you, and leave the rest to the Great Restorer. It will take time but, unlike my fractured ornament, your idyllic family home can be made new. 

Message for the Journey:
When damaged, delicate treasures can rarely be restored by earthly means. The broken pieces can be glued but it is never as good as new. Yet, when the damaged treasure is a precious relationship, there is always hope. He that resurrects the dead can give new life to dead marriages and relationships. He makes all things new.

And the one sitting on the throne said, "Look, I am making everything new!"
Rev 21:5a

Do you have a praise report on a relationship that God restored? I invite you to share it below and spread hope to others.


  1. Love this, Ann! I am sorry that your ornaments were damaged but I absolutely love how you used that experience to paint such a vivid picture of what brokenness looks like in our lives.  Such a beautiful reminder of how God makes broken things beautiful!

  2. I love that God makes all things new.  He has a way of taking a huge mess and making something beautiful from it.  It's like shepherd's pie.  Who in the world would have thought all those scrapings could make a beautiful meal, but it does every time.