How to Respond in a Crisis

A merchant ship with 276 people on board was struck by hurricane force winds while at sea. The gale was severe and raged for over two weeks battering the craft relentlessly. In an effort to save the ship and their lives, the crew took drastic action—they threw the cargo overboard. When that was unsuccessful, they threw important equipment off to further lighten the load. The trip had not been intended to last as long as it had so food was also of concern. They rationed their supplies, even going without eating. The crew and passengers were terrified. They gave up hope, certain they would all die—all except one.
On this ship was a Christian believer who had faith in God’s promise that he would not be destroyed. Remaining calm in the midst of the storm, he encouraged them all to eat in order to keep their strength. He openly shared his faith and by doing so, reassured the others. Trouble did not dissipate instantly; the ship broke up when it ran aground in shallow water. Yet just as the believer, the apostle Paul, promised, not a single life was lost.  
When crisis strikes, do you respond calmly like Paul? Or do you immediately act out in fear as the crew of the ship did? As believers, how we respond in a crisis is a clear indicator of where we are placing our trust and our faith.  When trouble comes:
1.      Don’t Panic- 
We’ve all seen people who respond like Chicken Little running around saying the sky is falling when troubles arise. Don’t allow yourself to become like them giving in to fear and distress. Keep things in perspective. Remember your King has everything under control. We may not know why something is happening, but He certainly does.
2.      Trust God’s word to you-
An angel spoke directly to Paul assuring him of God’s promise to keep him safe. Likely you won’t have an angel speaking to you of God’s assurances for your life, but He does speak directly to you in His word. Search it and stand on His promises about your situation. 
3.      Walk out your faith-
It’s easy to say you trust God when things are going well but it’s in the midst of the storm you demonstrate that trust. When your faith is in the fire, paraphrase Daniel 3:17-18—God is able…but if He doesn’t, we will still stand firm in faith.

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