Prepared for Back to School

It's hard to believe, but it's already time for school to begin again. And it's even harder to believe that we'll have a high schooler in our house. Over the past few weeks, we've been gathering all the things she needs to prepare for the year: clothes to replace those she's outgrown, new uniforms for sports, and a backpack to carry the ton of supplies purchased.

While we prepare our kids for school, we need to also prepare them for battle. As they roam the halls, temptations of many kinds will be roaming after them seeking to claim them. We can help prepare them for the challenges to come through prayer, discussing Biblical truths, and helping them memorize scripture--planting God's word in their hearts and minds.

One way to help them recall verses is to write them down in places they can readily see them. A bathroom mirror is a great place to write notes of affirmation and verses with a dry erase marker. You can also slip notes in lunches or books.

Another idea is to use notebooks and folders with pre-printed scripture like this DaySprings assortment. It includes binders, notebooks and pocket folders and comes in several collections to choose from. We are using the God Recycles set. Each time your child takes one out for class, their heart and mind will be refreshed with a scripture.

Let's not just prepare our kids for back to school, let's prepare them with a purpose.

Disclosure: Daysprings provided me with a free collection in exchange for this review. All opinions stated concerning the product are my own..

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  1. Oh how I remember those days I was just as excited as my daughter...those days are over now for me she's grown and have her own little family....