Let's Sing Praise- L4J Summer Newsletter

We influence whatever we praise. The whole creation responds to praise, and is glad.

The summer newsletter, Let's Sing Praise, is hot off the presses. Would you care to join me as we explore the concept of praise from the perspectives of faith, relationships and wellness? Despite all of the troubles in life, we still have so many reasons to praise.

Included in this issue-
  • The Fruit of the Lips- Do you feel weary, or worn down from attack? Or maybe you just want more of God in your life. The secret is in having the right fruit.
  • Catch Them in the Act- Let's play a game of "gotcha" but with a twist.
  • Don't Believe a Lie- Look into God's word and see the truth of who you are.
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Lessons for the Journey Newsletter- Summer Issue- Let's Sing Praise

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