Attitude Makes It Happen

Self-conviction is the key to acheivement. History abounds with tales of experts who were convinced the ideas, plans and projects of others could never be achieved. However, success came to those who said, "I can make it happen".

Other master sculptors worked diligently on a particularly difficult piece of marble but all gave up saying they could do nothing with it. All that is but one. Michelangelo visualized the possibilities in this same stone and from his convictions came one of the world's masterpieces, the statue of David.

Even Thomas Edison discouraged Henry Ford from pursuing his idea of a motoried car. Convinced of the worthlessness of the idea, he invited Ford to come to work for him. But Ford remained committed. Even though his first attempt resulted in a car without a reverse gear, he didn't give up. He believed and made it happen.

God has given all of us gifts. Don't let the doubts of others or the little voices in your head stop you from putting those gifts to use. You don't want to face the Master as the servant who buried the talents. Just what was the difference between that servant and the other two? It was his attitude of fear and uncertainty just as it is your attitude that will make the difference. The good news is attitude is completely within our control. God does not give us a spirit of fear, so resist it. Believe in yourself; God made you for a divine purpose. Have faith in God and work hard toward the goal. Together you can make it happen.

 If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31b

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