The Magestic Coast

Our family just returned from an incredible time on the Oregon coast. This was our first time to explore the Pacific and we loved it. The scenery was extraordinary and it was exciting to get up close with various marine life along the shore and in tide pools. It all made me wonder at God's amazing imagination. He created all of it from nothing yet it is all perfect: the depth of color, the flowers, the waves, the wind, the tides. Everything we create is inspired by something that already exists. Can you imagine an artist creating a more perfect picture than this one I took just up the road from where we were staying?

Oregon coast at Yaquina Head Lighthouse
And it all works together in perfect harmony. We took a tour at the OSU Marine Science Center while we were there. As we walked through the various parts of the estuary, the guide talked about changes people have made on the area that had unforseen and damaging consequences. It made me reflect on how perfect God's master plan is not only for the natural world but for our lives as well. How often do I get in His way when I try to take things into my hands? 

I stand in awe of our God.  

“Great and marvelous are your works, O Lord God" Rev. 15:3b

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