Appreciating Freedom

Yesterday, we celebrated America's independence day from the long ago tyranny of British monarchy. It was a day to relish our freedoms and enjoy time with friends and family. I am so very thankful to those who fought to give it to us and those who fight today to preserve it. We have come far from the overt despots of our past but we need to keep vigilant watch for that which would ensnare us with chains today.

We are on the verge of becoming a nation dependent on government. Studies show that is one of the final steps in the destruction and fall of a civilization. As Lincoln said, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." There may be time and circumstances where we all need help. Yet we need not become comfortable with the government giving us the fish to feed us. Instead we should strive to learn how to fish so that we can all feed ourselves.

As American's we enjoy fruits produced from the roots laid by our forefathers in the establishment of this great country. We are at a time where many want to continue to enjoy those fruits but cut them off from the Christian roots from which they grow. Our country was founded on Christian beliefs. Nearly, every man who signed the Declaration of Independence was a devout Christian. Without healthy roots the tree will cease to be.

Let us join together in praying for our country and for our leaders. For our leaders, may God give them His wisdom to lead and govern. For our country, may He turn our hearts to Him.

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